Apologies for the radio silence, but it's that dreaded time of year that sucks the life out of you. On the bright end of things, Ms. Saritza Hernandez, my agent has begun the arduous task of finding OLLIE a home in publishing. It's a little crazy to think of how far OLLIE has come since I was goaded into picking up writing again by a friend. I suppose you could say I'd been on a bit of a sabbatical, stuck in a shit relationship that kept me from doing a lot of the things I once enjoyed. Strangely, even after moving on, I still was nervous to go back to something like writing, which I was rusty and and surely no longer any good. In that mode, it was nice to find things to get my boots wet on, a little fanfic here or an exercise in poetry there. Before I knew it, I'd pulled OLLIE off a shelf I'd set him up on over ten years ago. Thinking on it now, its a little surreal it might actually become something more than just my friends will read! Even more exciting is how it's restored my confidence in storytelling. Already, I have a second manuscript about a man on the run with another miscreant and his dog in the test reading phase, and have begun hammering out a third. I'm pumped for you to meet all these new characters just as much as Ollie! Thanks to everyone who's helped place me this far. There's still so much further to go!