Excited to Make It Official!

Well, after months of queries and doubt, I'm pumped to announce that I'll be working with Ms. Saritza Hernandez of the Corvisiero Literary Agency. In the maddened frenzy that was last summer, I found Ms. Hernandez's Twitter, where she had noted an interest in a manuscript that took place in the 20s or 60s, and involved non-traditional sports, like lacrosse or rugby. 

Rugby, you say? I conveniently had a 250 page manuscript that was literally just that. It was even illustrated. 

So I wrapped it up with a big old bow and sent it off. Months went by and so did more queries to other agents, other rejections. I took a break from the whole thing over the holidays and didn't start up until the new year. Then, come March, there was a little note from Saritza in my inbox. She loved the sample pages, could she please have the first few chapters? Buzzing like a lightbulb that was about to pop, I sent it to her straight away. I figured she'd need a few weeks to get around to it considering the first gap, so there was no need to go hanging hopes on stars that weren't even lit. Or real. 

Or so I thought until I found another note from Saritza as I was getting ready for work the next morning. She apparently didn't need sleep and devoured the first three chapters, could I please send the whole damn thing? I'm not positive what happened in the space right after that, as I'm pretty sure I exploded, died, sent the email from the afterlife, and then promptly revived, wondering if this life where good things happen was actually mine. 

I'm glad to say that it is! 

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[not my GIF]