OLLIE Fanart [by calanii]

While at SCAD, I had the fortune of getting to know a lot of other really talented artists, while they, in turn, got the grumpy grandpa they never asked for in me. I had eventually figured out a way to get my friends to draw me fabulous artwork of whatever I desired. At first, charging lovely pictures in exchange for black market Uber services seemed like an easy way to add more Downton Abbey stuff to the shrine that's taken shape over my workspace. I never thought anyone would take an interest in my personal projects, which was why I was completely surprised and delighted by my dear Karen, who did the lovely images of Ollie and Julian below. I had shown her an early version of the manuscript almost a year ago because we'd been talking about writing and story development, and she expressed some interest in OLLIE. But it was me who was humbled in the end! The second was even a bonus illustration of Karen's particular favorite scene.

If you'd like to keep up with Karen, her art's got even more impressive since she's done these. Her love of hiphop and music really comes through in her work -- which is probably why I like it so much! 

Catch up with Karen on her various social media channels: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM