Shannon Hochman is both an illustrator and writer. He was lucky enough to have been actually born in Washington, D.C., and not one of its surrounding suburbs. He lived there until college, which is when he moved to New York City to study traditional animation at Manhattan's School of Visual Arts.  

But after ten years in the big city (and enough drama to fuel at least ten novels), Shannon decided to take a risk and haul his entire life to the deep American south, where he attended graduate school at the Savannah College of Art and Design. It was there that he had the epiphany that his artwork and his writing was meant to go hand-in-hand, which defined his creative identity. In Shannon's opinion, illustration has a place in books for all ages, including fiction for adults. This spawned a project which would eventually become OLLIE, his debut novel. 

OLLIE is the story of an angry young man in 1973, who has big ambitions and an even bigger ego. The day he is flung at the feet of Julian on the rugby pitch, he is immediately consumed by a heated rivalry. Julian is everything Ollie can't stand: smug, clever, a faster runner and a better tackler -- and in love with the bloody Beatles. Worse still, his fascination with Ollie borders on the untoward, and Ollie is terrified of being mistaken for something he is absolutely, decidedly not

Still, Julian is determined to establish even a friendship with Ollie, while Ollie, in his desperation to keep Julian at bay, is busy sabotaging everything he can hook his claws into. But what will remain after Ollie has destroyed the world around him, and is struck with the severity of the consequences? 


Much of the ink and quill artwork Shannon has created for OLLIE can be found here. He enjoys the development of ideas and world building, and aims to market his work towards visual design. His eye for detail and love of research and history makes this particularly fun. Shannon is "that guy" who always has to have the last word in debates, mostly because he has an annoying penchant for remembering any and all useless facts. 

Shannon's favorite things are music, food, comic books, literature, period dramas and British folks. His favorite place in the world is Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. Currently, he lives just outside of San Francisco, California and works for Vans. He owns a lot of sneakers. 

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